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Thailand Property Rental | Houses And Condo In Pattaya For Rent

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I want to stay”

You arrive in Pattaya and decide that you want to stay long-term. Staying at hotels is of course very expensive and there are massive discounts if you are prepared to sign a contract for a long-term stay. Landlords here in Pattaya want a 6-month commitment, hopefully, 12 months. Most of the time landlords are not interested in a tenant who only wants to stay for 3 months.

You’ve been hitting the nightlife and going to the beach, but now if you’re staying long-term have your requirements changed? You don’t want to go clubbing every night; maybe you have a job, time to get responsible again!

Help me, help you!

So where to live? What is your budget? Do you have a vehicle? Do you need to be near the baht bus route? Do you need to be near the beach, supermarket, 7/11, house, or apartment, do you want a private pool, communal pool, are pets a consideration? Lots of questions only you know the answers to. Consider these and other questions carefully. Certainly, we will do our best to offer advice and help with our experience and wealth of knowledge of Pattaya.

Any agent needs your help to find you the perfect place. Most importantly you need to decide on an area to live in. Pattaya is a huge area offering a range of property styles. We can help you to narrow down your search.

Spend some time on our website highlighting properties that you are interested in. We can help answer any questions about public transport in a particular area, supermarkets, village/condo history, etc. Perhaps we will be able to offer further information that might make a property more or less attractive to you.

A smart prospective tenant with time on his hands would spend time driving around an area of interest at different times of the day. Find out whether the area does meet your hopes and expectations, and that there isn’t a Thai karaoke bar next door that stays open until 3 am!

Meet & greet

After organizing a convenient time to go and view some properties we will drive you there and answer all your questions where possible, hoping of course that we find the perfect property.

If you are keen to move into a property you will need to put down a holding deposit. When a new property comes to the market it is considered “hot” and many agents will be trying to rent it out. Pattaya has a multi-agent policy meaning that it is very unlikely that we are the only agent looking to rent the property. A lot of the time it is not scare-mongering when an agent is stressing the need to get a holding deposit down ASAP. The deposit amount should be sufficient that the landlord will deem serious intent from you.

Once the deposit is put down and a tentative agreement is in place with the Landlord then the property is withdrawn from the market, pending a full contract being signed by both parties.IMPORTANT: If you change your mind after having a holding deposit accepted, you will not receive the monies back. It is non-refundable.


In order to protect all parties for the duration of the rental period, both you and the landlord will need to sign a contract confirming your commitment. The contract is a legally binding document and, should you not adhere to it you could be liable for loss of your security deposit and possible eviction. Make sure you understand what you are signing. We have an easy-to-understand contract which we will guide you through so you fully understand your responsibilities.

Prior to moving into the property, you will usually be expected to pay two month’s security deposit and one month’s rent in advance (obviously your holding deposit funds can be used towards this). The security deposit will be returned to you at the end of the contract providing all bills have been paid and there is no need for the Landlord to make repairs caused by you.

In order to protect both tenant and landlord, we will come with you to the property prior to you moving in. We will take a photographic inventory of the property noting any pre-existing issues to ensure that you will not be held responsible for them at the end of the tenancy. We will also read the utility meters and try to help with any other issues. Dependent on our agreement with the landlord we may be the first point of contact should you have any issues during your tenancy. We can help with the transfer of your rent to the landlord. Sometimes a landlord may be more “hands-on” and be happy to liaise directly with you on most matters which is fine with us. Welcome and enjoy your new home!