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Landlord Responsibility |

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Why use an agent?

An agent does this for a living. An agent is knowledgeable about the law of renting properties. An agent is better experienced to qualify tenants for a property. An agent has access to quality and up-to-date rental contracts. An agent will organize payments from tenant to landlord. An agent will intervene if issues arise. An agent can take all of the hassles out of a rental.

The legalities

Being a landlord means taking on a responsibility. It is not a case of sitting back and waiting for cash to roll in. A good landlord will be proactive and reactive when the situation demands. A happy tenant equals a happy landlord.

You have work to do

In order to find the best tenant and to get you the best price, we will work hard to secure a suitable tenant. You as a landlord also have things to do. You need to ensure that we have a set of keys and that access is available to us as much as possible. You need to be organized, especially if you have multiple agents going to your property and having multiple sets of keys floating around Pattaya.

You need to decorate the property as well as possible to make it as attractive as possible to prospective tenants. This means ensuring primarily that the property is clean and that the electricity has been paid for and is operable. There is nothing worse than trying to agree on rent on a 50,000 baht property via phone torch…! Yes, we do work after sundown.

If the property needs a touch of paint to brighten it up, do it. You only get one chance to make a first impression. With so many properties out there you can’t afford to miss any opportunity.

Ensure everything is in working order. It is your responsibility to get the air conditioning serviced prior to a new tenant moving in. If the air conditioning breaks down a few days after a tenant has moved in because of neglect it is not a good start to the relationship. Ensure that the TV works, that there are batteries in remote controls, that the plumbing is connected, that we have the alarm code and suitable instructions on how to turn it off.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

Ensure the information you tell us about the property is correct. We don’t want to get a tenant into your property on the promise that “the free Wi-Fi is super fast” when actually it’s 300 baht a month and quite slow in reality! Some people rely on speedy internet for business, and this alone could be cause for a tenant to have to reconsider. Make us aware of any issues that might concern prospective tenants.

Every relationship needs work

Once we have agreed on a suitable tenant that you are happy with you may wish to meet them. No problem at all. Just remember that you are giving your property to them for a long period of time and that will be their home for that time, not yours.

Hopefully, the tenancy will be unproblematic and you will receive your rent each and every month (without deductions for air conditioning repairs, for example). Come to the end of the contract please consider how much money you have received over the contracted time.

Undoubtedly there will be scuff marks, a missing knife, a chipped cup. These instances are considered general wear and tear. Every landlord should build into his costs that a property may require some attention prior to prospective new tenants viewing the property (see above). As such when a tenant is leaving, don’t get hung up by the picture hook in the bedroom, or the grubby hand marks around the light switch.

Whilst we as your agent will protect your rights wherever needed, we also need you to remember that this is a business and that not every baht earnt is profit – you have to speculate to accumulate.

To get the best one-on-one advice for your particular property then please arrange to speak with one of our agents who can arrange to visit your property to discuss all of the matters with you. Call us on or complete this form with the details of your property – CLICK HERE